[Oh, hey there! Did you arrive at this screen because you’re a kind soul who wants to volunteer to be my copywriting guinea pig (i.e., to let me try my hand at writing your bio in exchange for your no-holds-barred feedback and maybe a future referral)? If so, WELCOME, new friend! Click on the blue button below to enter your info, and I’ll be in touch. You also can take a gander further below to learn more about this little biz idea of mine that I’m finally putting out into the world. Fly, little idea birdie, fly!]

Hey, girl, hey! (Or guy—because you’re welcome here too, mister!). If you’re looking for info about my budding copywriting biz, you’ve come to the right place (insert “YOU ARE HERE” sign, er, right here). And let me tell you, I’m so glad you’re here (more on just how glad below).

In case you’re wondering, “What even is copywriting?” Allow me to break it down like this.

Copywriting combines my love for wordsmithing with your love for your business to create a powerful, sales-making force, one “About Me” page, “Work With Me” page, blog post, social media post, newsletter (and so on) at a time. I was never very good at math (words > numbers, IMHO, unless those numbers trail a dollar sign), but if this was a math problem, I think the formula would look something like:

My love for wordsmithing +

Your love for your business =


Said yet another way, copywriting means you sit back and focus on other important things (like making that money, honey) while I write and perfect your content. You do you, and let me write about it.

Before we wrap up, may I reiterate just how glad I am that you’re reading this? Very super glad. Not only does it mean I finally stopped proofreading this page and hit “publish,” but writing has been my passion for almost as long as I can remember (i.e., 3rd grade), and the thought that I might be able to add value to others through my love for words is so (sooooooo) exciting. And I’m not just talking intangible value, I’m talking tangible value (read: dollar dollar bills, y’all). Because let’s face it, a product or service is only as lucrative as the messaging behind it. And I want to write that messaging for you.

[Are you still awake? Okay, good. Just checking.]

If you’re ready to take the next step towards building content that’ll attract customers to your business like bees to honey (or if you want to stay up-to-date as we move towards an official launch with an official website, #holler), click the blue button below to enter your contact info, and I’ll be in touch. Want to cut to the chase and chat now? Drop me an email at, and I’ll get back to you pronto.

Cheers, friends!